Alley Sense Streaming 2017골목감각스트리밍

2017. 3. 16. 16:302017 골목감각스트리밍/인트로

Alley Sense Streaming from Roseline PYO on Vimeo.

Alley Sense Streaming
  is composed of local planners and members of the project group ProjectPANI

 which records the area of ​​Taepyeong-dong alley for about 5 months using <photo + image + sound>, and the time of the artist's work, )

 Sends out this work in real-time stream so local residents can enjoy this performance in real time.

골목감각스트리밍은 지역의 기획자와 아티스트 그룹인 

프로젝트 파니의 구성원들이 모여 <사진 + 영상 + 소리> 활용하여  5개월간 태평동 골목 일대를 기록하고

아티스트들이 작업을 하는  시간다른 동네 (분당구 판교동)에서는  작업을 실시간 스트리밍으로 송출하여 

지역주민들은 실시간으로  퍼포먼스를 감상   있다.